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DP Staff

We have many levels of staff at Detailing Pro, all of which contribute to different aspects of the website, from product reviews, to hands on training courses.

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Adam Jeffrey
Adam has been in the trade for many years now. His love for cars sprung up from a young age, and this enthusiasm has spurred him on to become a professional in the detailing trade. In his younger years he began by valeting for a local second hand car dealership, which later lead to learning the art of detailing. He then began piloting his business venture Refined Details for one year in 2006 before deciding that a Business Management Degree at the University of Nottingham would be beneficial to gain knowledge to apply within the business. He felt, amongst others, that there were many forums with lots of information, but with lots of confusion and misconstrued ideas of techniques and products, hence Detailing Pro! Established in 2009, the dream was to correlate all of the world’s detailing information into an understandable format, all in one place…

Paul Halliday (pjgh)
Paul is very firmly a hobby detailer looking after his own cars and a select number of cars belonging to friends and family.

Paul Crane (Freon Warrior)
Background: ?

Mark Moss
Detailing Product Supplier

Background: Mark began as a detailer before establishing Autobrite Direct in 2003. Autobrite is the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of valeting & detailing products with 1000s to choose from! Autobrite will be offering group buys, along with product announcements, and are a great addition to the Detailing Pro team.

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