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Valet PRO Yellow Bumper Gel

by on 09/11/2009

I decided to apply it with a washed out dash trim pad, clean and free of the product that was in there to start with. I had absolutely no idea how much product to use, but given my bodykit (all GRP plastic) is quite large, I thought the following would be a good amount to start with, followed by a smaller amount once it became apparent how well and how easily this product spread:

I started in the middle panel on one side and kept going back to that area to reprime my pad from that initial application. This first amount spread around the whole of the LHS, the front bumper and the rear bumper. I made a second visit to the bottle to get the other side done and go over the front and rear bumpers again.

Some 50/50s:

The finish is very pleasing indeed. It does not need working over and over to get a uniform coat – it spreads cleanly and evenly, leaving a non-patchy finish. In a word, “dead easy”.

In terms of application and making direct comparisons to other products, this is a gel and most akin to the blue lotion from Autobright, their TNT Treatment. I’m not sure if this product is suitable for tyres, but on bumpers it is a delight to use.

In use, this product is without issue for application and buffing. It provides a uniform finish across exterior plastics, easily applied with a foam pad. It is a lot easier to use than Autoglym Bumper Care and if the rain/washing tests prove favourable, it will be a highly recommended product. What I particularly liked about it was how completely different it felt from all those clear, slippery, silicone-laden products we’re used to.

In the rain and light showers that followed, ValetPro Yellow Bumper Gel proved to bead up nicely and has water rolling off the surface effectively without showing signs of water striations in the finish when dried off – the plastics are dry, clear and continue to be a uniform finish.


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