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Migliore Bella Lustra Tyre Glaze

by on 09/11/2009

Migliore you ask? Migliore is a well established detailing product manufacturer within the United States, and have built up quite a reputation amongst the US Detailing Communities.

I have had the pleasure to be the sole tester of Bella Lustra Tyre Glaze (amongst the rest of the Migliore product line) during its trial stages in the UK before it was brought to the market by Autobrite Direct. After 6 months of testing and being completely wowed by the product, I am so pleased that it is finally available for all the detailing enthusiasts and professionals to use.

Migliore Bella Lustra Tyre Glaze

About the Product from Migliore

“Migliore Bella Lustra Tyre Glaze is a natural based tyre shine that will not inflict damage to your tyres nor create the dreaded product slinging associated with other tyre products.

Migliore Bella Lustra Tyre Glaze will provide a classy, dark and matte finish to your tyres.

  • Natural based tyre shine that will not inflict damage
  • No product ‘sling’ on your panels
  • Provides a fantastic matt and classy finish

Apply Migliore Bella Lustra Tire Glaze in the shade. Apply the product on a pad or cloth before applying on your tires, this will create a more uniform presentation. Multiple layers will darken tires, giving a deeper black look.”

This sounds very interesting already doesn’t it 🙂

The product comes  in quite a thin bottle, reminds me a little bit of a hair gel spray bottle, or Swissvax Pneu, regardless the packaging choice looks very sleek and professional. The sprayer head was small which lead me to believe that I would have to squirt the product continuously in order to get an entire tyre dressed.

2 squirts onto a foam applicator.

A nice amount of product was released and I then began to test it on the tyres. I noticed that the product foamed slightly, which made it sink into the tyre grooves, which can be a pain dress without using lots, as I have experienced with products in the past.

The tyre was completed with only 4 squirts onto the foam tyre dressing pad which is absolutely superb economy! The tyre was looking prestigious with is semi-matt finish.

Verdict: What an absolutely superb product. Since testing this product I haven’t picked up another tyre dressing since! The finish is absolutely stunning and prestigious (many of my customers have even commented on the tyres!), plus the durability is up to 4 weeks I found, which is brilliant – the fact you can layer the product is also an added bonus as you can apply multiple layers like a wax for extra durability. A must buy!


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