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Dodo Juice Supernatural: The Purest of the Pure

by on 09/11/2009

Dodo Juice designed their Supernatural wax to be the purest – no additional colour and no addition scent. Now in version two, the wax represents one of the finest that can be applied to a perfectly polished car and the growing list of ancillary products make up quite a boutique kit:

  • Supernatural Wax – Plastic Tub
  • Supernatural Wax – Machine Stick
  • Supernatural Wax – Iroku Wooden Container
  • Supernatural Applicator
  • Supernatural Clay
  • Supernatural Shampoo
  • Supernatural Wash Mitten – the ‘Wookie Fist’
  • Supernatural Drying Towel – the ‘Jedi Blanket’

Firstly, the wax itself.

While there is no added scent, there is a most delicious scent – think sugary, like fine toffee.

The surface should be prepared with their Lime Prime or Lime Prime Lite pre-wax cleanser to ensure that the surface is clean and ready to accept a wax. Following machine polishing, a wipe down with Lime Prime Lite is perfect – many surfaces will respond to the gentle cutting action of Lime Prime if surface swirling is present.

Using the supplied finger foam applicator, the wax seems very hard and appears reluctant to transfer to the applicator. While that is a concern, it is unfounded – the wax transfer to the applicator is quite sufficient to put down a whisper thin layer, almost imperceptible, that will cure perfectly … a little faith is required: this is after all, Supernatural!

Applied to the car and curing:

After a short while, which could be between five and fifteen minutes the wax haze is ready to be removed. While this can be undertaken at the first point it is ready to be removed, it does no harm to leave the wax curing on the paint for any amount of time – even an hour, if you want to work at that pace.

Removal is as pleasant as application – simply wipe off the haze gently with a fine microfibre towel. No hard rubbing is required and any hint of a sticky patch is quite simply down to having applied the initial layer too thickly; the scant instructions on the tub do say not to ‘cake the product on’. This is very much a “less is more” product and in many respects, haze should be considered waste – that is the residue which is buffed off.

The result? Perfection!

Sometimes, which has been more often than not in my experience, a secondary haze appears after about half an hour of buffing. This is to be expected, according to Dodo Juice, and something that is easily remedied. Simply wipe over the surface again with a clean microfibre. Personally, I find a light spritz of chilled distilled water assists the complete removal much more effectively and would cite that as the most useful hint at this stage.

You can see the light hazing that has appeared here, presenting itself as a hologram effect:

Misted with chilled distilled water and gently buffed, that secondary hazing does not reappear:

In summary, the wax and the applicator are to be recommended. The application and removal is phenomenally easy. The downside is the secondary hazing which, once expected is easily remedied. The products are well made, the plastic pots tactile and no doubt the Iroku wood tub is a sheer delight to own.

Beading? In the rain, the surface becomes speckled with small beads of water, well spaced and upright.

A Detailer’s delight:

Proceeding to the first wash, the shampoo and wash mitten are found to be the perfect tools for the job.

Made from thick wool, specifically commissioned by Dodo Juice, the wash mitten is quite possibly the softest and deepest wash mitten on the market. Depth of the wool is important so that dirt on the surface of the paintwork is not ground in by the washing action, but drawn into the wool fibres and held safely out of the way. The mitten should be rinsed well before use and rinsed well after each section of the car is washed before placing back into the bucket of suds.

The shampoo is so very concentrated, that two pumps per “standard Halfords bucket” is all that is required. One pump per three litres of water is the published dilution rate and this will generate a bucket full of fine foam.

Upon immersing the wash mitten it becomes apparent just how much liquid this mitten can hold. One whole gallon can be withdrawn from the wash bucket and held over the bucket to drain will then happily transfer two litres of suds to the car. Most impressive and more important, very safe for washing – the shampoo is very lubricating and the suds, while they dissipate quite quickly, certainly assist in lifting dirt from the surface for the mitten to collect up as a moraine of water washes most straight off the car.

Once washed, the beading is revived:

Patted dry:

The shampoo and wash mitten are perfect partners to the wax, allowing for a gentle removal of dirt. Any glossing agents in the shampoo revive the initial look of the wax and the initial beading is certainly revived. One concern for some would be how the foaminess of the shampoo dilution in the bucket is lost quite quickly, but the lubricity of the shampoo by far makes up for any loss of bubbles.

The the purest look on the perfect paint, it simply has to be Supernatural:


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