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Sonus SFX-3, a glaze, and a step that is often overlooked?

by on 03/11/2009

Hello and welcome to my review focusing on Sonus SFX-3 Final Finish Polish. Not a particularly new product but I feel that the “glaze” step is often overlooked from the amateur to the professional.

“This fine paint polish brings out the final “show car” finish. Makes black, red, yellow and clearcoat finishes pop with gloss!” –

I have owned this product as well as Sonus SFX-1 Restore for some time now, however, I realised that I haven’t used it for a while – probably due to the ever growing over-focus on LSPs and waxes. Anyone will tell you its not about these steps but its about the preparation of the vehicle.

The review has been undertaken on my own personal vehicle by hand (although it can be also applied by machine on a refining pad) – An Alpine White BMW E36 Saloon with a MTEC/Sport kit.

Here are a few before photos:

The car wasn’t the dirtiest it has been but I really wanted to add some lustre to the paintwork, making a perfect test bed for SFX-3. The wheels also needed some work, shown below:

The entire car was snow foamed  and then washed using the 2 bucket method with a microfibre mitt.

The wheels were treated with a wheel brightener sprayed on through a foam lance, and worked in with a wheel brush.

The vehicle was then rinsed and dried with a Meguiars Drying Towel.

Time to test the SFX-3, applying with the soft black side of the SFX applicator pad.

The car was given a coat and was left to cure.

Time to work on the embedded break dust on the alloys:

The wheels were clayed to remove the bonded contaminants.

After around 5mins per wheel, all the brake dust was removed:

Time to buff off the Sonus SFX-3 from the bodywork, producing some quite stunning lustre in the paintwork:

This gave me an idea that similar results could be achieved on alloy wheels. Considering thatCYC described the product to allow the paintwork to “pop with gloss”, I thought it would be rude not to give it a go:

Low and behold the alloys achieved flake pop that I have never seen so clearly until SFX-3!

Cool – Very very happy.

Now that the glaze SFX-3 has achieved the lustre and depth I desired, it was now time to top the vehicle and the alloys with a sealant.

The sealant definately added that extra gloss and sealed the lustre achieved by the Sonus SFX-3.

The car then needed that little bit extra. A high quality carnuba wax was then applied and was left to cure.

As this was left to cure for 30mins the plastics were dressed, the glass was polished and the tyres were dressed.

The high quality carnuba wax was then buffed off leaving the following results:

I was very pleased with the added lustre and gloss achieved through the use of Sonus SFX-3, I can’t believe I had neglected this product for such a long time. This will be one product re-entering Refined Details’ arsenal on a regular basis.

Glaze, not a step to be overlooked, as well as the product Sonus SFX-3.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope it has been helpful and informing. Here are some of the final pictures taken at my favourite country location, enjoy…

And finally, some beading that I woke up to this morning after last nights shower:

Thank you for looking and reading…


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