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Swissvax, are you really Best of Show?

by on 29/10/2009

Welcome to my review of the very much acclaimed Swissvax Best of Show.

The Swissvax Best of Show turned up last week and Mini in the Park is Sunday, so here are some afters of our Best of Show sample test, provided by Samples-R-Us.

Verdict on white – amazing finish I must say but I don’t think its worth the £120 price tag myself on this particular colour when there is the likes of Dodo on the market. Definitely worth a try if you can get a sample. I feel that choosing a sealant like Duragloss 601/105 combination for a truly amazing finish. Sealants for lights, wax for darks tends to be the rule of thumb in terms of finish.

Now more importantly the star of the best of show test and my word the results were simply outstanding on a car of this colour!!

Verdict on met. Grey – Absolutely quality finish, its second to none, on a darker colour I would say if you can afford Swissvax Best of Show, then buy it. However as mentioned above there are many outstanding competitors such as Dodo Juice and Valentines Concours Wax, which I am very fond of.

Summary – On dark colours this product is unbelievable, slightly expensive compared to competitors such as Dodo Juice, but still the finish is one that is noticeable for its depth and reflectiveness. Unfortunately like many waxes it did not perform on lighter colours very well, stick to sealants. So Swissvax, are you really Best of Show? An indefinite YES but the price tag has to be questioned when some closely rivalling waxes are half the price!

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Good work buddy, continue the good work.

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